Day 9: Human Breast Milk to the Gut

This morning, as promised, I started my day with 5 ounces of human breast milk, followed by a glass of filtered room temperature water. My tummy was pretty upset the first part of the day because I took an oral dose of magnesium last night to help prep my gut, and it never agrees with me to take it by mouth.

I checked in with my fecal matter donor on scheduling and she won’t be ready until next week, so I decided to proceed with a “bottom up” human breast milk treatment today because I’m getting so tired of my belly aching every day.

I jarred up a batch of beet and zucchini kraut this afternoon, and had about 12 ounces of nice tangy fermented liquid left that I decided to use as a skin innoculation, so I prepped everything so I could lay in a warm epsom salt bath after delivering the HBM to my colon.

Then, using one of those disposable kits and filtered water that I had boiled and let cool earlier, I gave myself an enema of plain water… the whole routine: bottom up, flip the left, onto the back, to the right. I will warn you, that if you use one of the disposable bags, run plain sterile water through it before you use it to put liquid in yourself. They stink to high heaven with something I suspect is put inside to keep the plastic from sticking together and I doubt you want it in your gut. I know I didn’t.

Then, the HBM enema. I was able to take about 9 ounces, and again flipped myself in all directions, finally laying on my back in my tub on a towel for a good ten minutes until my gut stopped screaming at me to get on the toilet. Then I rinsed the tub and myself and prepped an epsom salt bath with half of the kraut ferment. The other half I applied to my hair and skin after I’d soaked for a half hour. I rinsed in just the bath water, not under a shower, scrubbed my eyelashes for the Blepharitis, towel dried and applied a half-ounce of HBM to my skin, once again focusing on the nape of my neck and my eyelashes but applying it on every part of my body.

I smell a bit like an infant. My tummy feels fine.