Day 11: Black Garlic

In my heavy research phase into antioxidants to combat the damage done by Cipro, I read about black garlic. I immediately got out my rice cooker and dumped every bulb of garlic I’d harvested from my garden, plus the bulbs I’d purchased at my co-op.

I have now sampled 2 out of the 3 varieties I stuck in my rice cooker, and I can tell you that the purple varieties are WAY TASTIER than the porcelain varieties. I don’t like to cook with the purples because the bulbs are smaller and harder for my damaged hands to peel, but they are perfect for black garlic and peel more easily after being in the rice cooker than the porcelain bulbs do… and now I’m eating the little cloves like candy.

I haven’t sampled the elephant garlic yet… it’s technically not a garlic, it’s a leek, but it’s also high in allicin so it should work.

Why make black garlic?

Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Black Garlic

The Analysis of Saccharide in Black Garlic and its Antioxidant Activity