Day 34: Reduced Calorie Fasting

I saw my doc today and we discussed my research on fasting because I need to know I’m on the right track with my thoughts on forcing my damaged cells to self-destruct.

Everyone has been suggesting to me that I take in nothing but water when I fast, and it just doesn’t feel right when I think about how we evolved and how our bodies work. Zero calorie fastng sounds like something a healthy person can do for a quick reboot, but not a good idea for someone whose cells can’t even produce enough energy to make it through a day. I explained to her what I’ve been researching, and she agreed with me that zero calories is not a good idea for someone as sick as me. We talked about a couple of interesting studies, and based on them she wants me to do reduced calorie fasting at 600 calories a day, as long as I want, but I have to calorie-load a couple of days a week. So, I can fast 5 days and then eat as much as I want for 2 days, and take ALL my supplements because a lack of cell-building nutrients won’t be good while I’m trying to heal my cells.

I then presented to her my hypothesis that the reason I got so sick around 18 months after being given the Cipro is because too many of my cells were damaged, because fluoroquinolones cleave to human DNA and are phototoxic, so the damage continued until my body decided to shut down and try to repair itself, which is why I lost my appetite… it’s like my body wanted to heal and forced me into cell regeration mode… but I was not detoxing at the time because I had no idea I’d been poisoned, so while my body was killing off a lot of cells, I could not clear the waste and got really sick. My liver, spleen and lymph nodes all swelled up and I only started to get better when I started nutrient loading and detoxing, as well as treating viral infections that had been in remission and all became active post-flox. She listened to my presentation, punctuated with my references to medical studies, and told me that in the absence of any other explanation (and there is none, that she is aware of), my hypothesis makes perfect sense!

So, I will now proceed with trying out a fasting cycle that is 3-5 days a week at 600 calories a day. I’m going to have to use a calorie tracker while I get the hang of it. I’m also going to make a concerted effort to keep on the detox regimen until I feel that my body has replaced most of my broken cells.

Then, hopefully, I will be able to get adipose stem cell therapy to repair my tendons.