My Plan

It’s difficult to come up with a good plan when you don’t really even know what issues you’re attacking. However, at the beginning of October 2014 after a couple of months of reading, reading, reading, I think the main issues to address are microbiome species extinction and DNA damage, and hopefully, later, cold laser and adipose stem cell therapy for my tendinopathy.

For the DNA damage, my primary care physician suggested CoQ10 (which I’m taking in the form of FQQ), NAD, and L Carnatine. I started the supplements in the 27th month. I plan to test for broken DNA strands as soon as possible, so that I may take another test at 37 months to measure any gains/losses.

For my microbiota crisis, things are going to be a lot more complicated. From what I can gather from reading up on what is being found in a very new field, the entire western world is experiencing microbiota extinction. We carry perhaps less than two-thirds of the strains that humans once carried in their guts, with no way to naturally regain the lost strains. Living in our relatively sterile environments, that means any insult to one’s system means one might lose strains of beneficial microbiota forever, and I think that’s what happened to me.

I puzzled how to diversify my flora. No matter how much I spend on bottled gut flora, the benefits are transient, and the very best of them only include a few strains that live permanently in the gut. I can kiss and snuggle new people to adopt more strains on my skin and in my mouth, but my gut is isolated from even my closest comrades. I started looking into fecal matter transplants, and although I don’t qualify to have one done in a clinic, I’m preparing to do one at home using fecal matter donated by a very healthy and hearty donor.

My research also made me wonder about human breast milk. It carries microbiota, and, I learned that it also carries stem cells. I became curious if human breast milk could help my gut heal and inoculate me with microbiota species that have gone extinct in my system. I searched the web for guidance and found none… but I also realized it would not damage me in any way to try it. Through, I found a nursing mother 2,000 miles away who fit my needs: organic, paleo, and antibiotic- and gluten-free. Not only did she not treat me like I was insane, but she is fully supportive of my plan and is rushing to ship her frozen milk to me.