Day 11: Black Garlic

In my heavy research phase into antioxidants to combat the damage done by Cipro, I read about black garlic. I immediately got out my rice cooker and dumped every bulb of garlic I’d harvested from my garden, plus the bulbs I’d purchased at my co-op.

I have now sampled 2 out of the 3 varieties I stuck in my rice cooker, and I can tell you that the purple varieties are WAY TASTIER than the porcelain varieties. I don’t like to cook with the purples because the bulbs are smaller and harder for my damaged hands to peel, but they are perfect for black garlic and peel more easily after being in the rice cooker than the porcelain bulbs do… and now I’m eating the little cloves like candy.

I haven’t sampled the elephant garlic yet… it’s technically not a garlic, it’s a leek, but it’s also high in allicin so it should work.

Why make black garlic?

Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Black Garlic

The Analysis of Saccharide in Black Garlic and its Antioxidant Activity

Day 11: Lufenuron

My lufenuron arrived yesterday, so last night I mixed up about a half teaspoon in organic coconut oil, and I’ve been eating little dabs every so often. I’ll spread it out over a week, then repeat the same dosage next month. Because it’s fat soluble, my body will store it and release it into my blood over time.

It’s non-toxic to mammals, and will inhibit anything with a chitin shell from reproducing in my body. My child and I are taking it to retard yeast and parasites.

I’m also feeding it to my ill pet rat. She was housed in an overcrowded situation before we adopted her, and was stressed by being overgroomed by a larger rat, so she’s quite bald and has a peristent respiratory infection. It’s not likely to cure her, but at the very least it will prevent fleas next summer if everyone in the house is taking it.

This is where I purchased lufenuron.

Day 10: L. Sakei to The Sinus, etc.

The sausage probiotic arrived today, and the package was much larger than I thought it would be. I think there’s enough starter in their to colonate at least a dozen people. My teen child consented to give it a try, because she was just resigning herself to a lifetime of sinus issues and is now hoping she won’t have to, so I mixed us each up a Neti pot-ful with water I boiled earlier and let cool. It stung a bit more than the usual Neti-pot experience.

I also started my morning with 5 ounces of human breast milk and filtered water, and a bit later a high-fiber smoothie. My tummy feels fine today. I haven’t experienced any of the painful bloating I usually do toward the end of the day. In fact I just ate and my tummy is rumbling, which is a sound I haven’t heard for a while!

My hair smells and feels better than it did a couple of days ago, in spite of just rinsing it well with no shampoo. I’m skipping the soak tonight and just applied a little HBM to the back of my neck, chest, feet and hands.

Day 9: Human Breast Milk to the Gut

This morning, as promised, I started my day with 5 ounces of human breast milk, followed by a glass of filtered room temperature water. My tummy was pretty upset the first part of the day because I took an oral dose of magnesium last night to help prep my gut, and it never agrees with me to take it by mouth.

I checked in with my fecal matter donor on scheduling and she won’t be ready until next week, so I decided to proceed with a “bottom up” human breast milk treatment today because I’m getting so tired of my belly aching every day.

I jarred up a batch of beet and zucchini kraut this afternoon, and had about 12 ounces of nice tangy fermented liquid left that I decided to use as a skin innoculation, so I prepped everything so I could lay in a warm epsom salt bath after delivering the HBM to my colon.

Then, using one of those disposable kits and filtered water that I had boiled and let cool earlier, I gave myself an enema of plain water… the whole routine: bottom up, flip the left, onto the back, to the right. I will warn you, that if you use one of the disposable bags, run plain sterile water through it before you use it to put liquid in yourself. They stink to high heaven with something I suspect is put inside to keep the plastic from sticking together and I doubt you want it in your gut. I know I didn’t.

Then, the HBM enema. I was able to take about 9 ounces, and again flipped myself in all directions, finally laying on my back in my tub on a towel for a good ten minutes until my gut stopped screaming at me to get on the toilet. Then I rinsed the tub and myself and prepped an epsom salt bath with half of the kraut ferment. The other half I applied to my hair and skin after I’d soaked for a half hour. I rinsed in just the bath water, not under a shower, scrubbed my eyelashes for the Blepharitis, towel dried and applied a half-ounce of HBM to my skin, once again focusing on the nape of my neck and my eyelashes but applying it on every part of my body.

I smell a bit like an infant. My tummy feels fine.

Day 8: Skin Microbiota

A few months after being given the Cipro IV, my skin aged about 10 years in a matter of weeks. I developed acne and Blepharitis, and my body odor changed, vascilating between sweet and really dank, and my hair started to feel dirty and smell really bad. Even the roots of my eyebrow hairs started to hurt and get infected.

The sweet odor is gone as I’ve gotten a handle on the worst of the yeast overgrowth. My skin has recovered microbes in the normal fashion, through touching and hugging and kissing other people, but I still suffer from regular rashes on my neck and back and my eyelashes still get crusty in spite of scrubbing them well. I decided to include my skin and eyes in my microbiome rebuilding project.

Today I prepared my bed as a nest for encouraging new microbiota, with clean sheets and blankets. I soaked in a mineral bath for an hour, and scrubbed my eyelashes well, then rinsed my hair and body with a quarter cup of raw apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water, working it down to the roots of my hair.

Then I towel dried and used a half ounce of human breast milk all over, especially in the nape of my neck where my worst rashes start, along my eyelashes and eyebrows, and on my toes where I battle fungus that causes painful peeling.

Then I went to bed to type this. I’m hoping that whatever transfers to my sheets will continue to innoculate me until the next time I change my sheets.

I have some cloths in my bag, and I as I interact with each of my insanely healthy friends (especially those who’ve recently traveled overseas) I’ll ask them to scrub their skin with a cloth, which I’ll then sleep with in the hopes that their microbiota will help rebuild the diversity in my microbiome.

Day 8: Neurologist

Shockingly enough, I found out when I got to my appointment that it’s only been 4 months since I last saw my neurologist. I was so sure it had been a year… which just underscores how warped my sense of time is now, and provided me with a good example to give her of how my cognitive function has been impaired.

Because I journal everything now, I was able to give her a good summary of my symptoms, unlike last time when I was apparently in too deep a fog to remember anything except my headaches and vertigo.

She ordered some bloodwork to rule out heavy metal poisoning, HIV and a few other things, and referred me for a nerve conductivity test, an EEG and an MRI of my spine.

Day 7: Human Breast Milk, BLIS K12, L. Sakei

My delivery of organic, antibiotic-free breast milk from a gluten-free paleo mama arrived today. It went straight into my freezer so I can take a couple of days to lower my stress level before I start using it to reintroduce microbiota to my system.

Because I’ve been battling thrush, I also ordered a bottle of BLIS K12, an oral probiotic. It’s fairly new on the market so not carried in stores, but Whole Foods was able to order the NOW! OralBiotic version… I wish I’d known about this particular probiotic before I put in my LuckyVitamin order because it’s much cheaper on their webiste, but I’m not going to wait for my next big order to get it.

Because I have chronic sinus issues and always have, I also went looking for a local source for L. Sakei, which is present in the sinus cavities of healthy people. Couldn’t find any, so ordered a packet of #19008 Bactoferm F-RM-52 from

Day 7: Therapist

My intake for my old therapist was fantastic. She noticed significant differences in me and is very concerned that I have not been taken seriously. She reviewed all my functional charts and wants to have me reassessed and possibly get to a neuropsychologist.

She would have diagnosed me on the spot for a depressive disorder, but could not because of the evidence that my feelings of despair are caused by a toxic event.

Day 1: Setting the Stage

As I’ve been researching and reading over the past month and finally settling on my plan to rebuild my microbiome using human breast milk and a fecal matter transplant, I’ve learned some interesting things about our microbe friends and what an alarming situation most of us are in. I don’t know how many species I lost, but I feel like it must be a significant number, and I would like to maintain whatever I can recapture. There’s a lot of work going on that is helping demystify what supports a healthy microbiome, and luckily I’m already doing most of it, like eating organic, eating fermented foods, no processed food, no GMO, low-carb, but I upped my game a bit over the past month by adding raw apple cider vinegar to my daily diet, and by increasing my fiber intake with chia seeds and coconut flour in my smoothies. I also lowered my dairy intake a bit… I love cheese, but I’m cutting myself back to a few servings a week, and maybe a cup of raw yogurt a week. My real weakness is adding a bit of half-and-half to my morning mocha, but it’s just a couple of tablespoons to a half-cup or so of hazelnut or hemp milk and I’m just not ready to give that up… yet.

The biggest change is probably switching my coffee out for a blend of dandelion root, burdock root and chickory root, boiled and strained. It does not taste like coffee, but does impart a nice flavor to my mochas, and most importantly gives me a daily dose of inulin to support microbiota in my lower gut. I find that I don’t actually miss coffee at all, but I’ll allow myself a cup if I go out for a gluten-free pastry.

A friend gave me the link to, and I located a mama today who is lifestyle compatible: eats organic, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, and paleo, who agreed to ship her milk to me frozen, so I’ve purchased 30 ounces. That will get my started and I can assess if I need more after I get into this process for a few weeks.

As of today, a few things have already improved. The horrible fungus on my left foot, that got 100x worse after I was floxed, seems to have started to clear up. My gut is functioning a little bit better than it was when I hit a crisis point 2 weeks ago that left me feeling like I’ll never have a normal life again. I’ll take these tiny signs that I’m on the right track and keep going.