Day 7: Human Breast Milk, BLIS K12, L. Sakei

My delivery of organic, antibiotic-free breast milk from a gluten-free paleo mama arrived today. It went straight into my freezer so I can take a couple of days to lower my stress level before I start using it to reintroduce microbiota to my system.

Because I’ve been battling thrush, I also ordered a bottle of BLIS K12, an oral probiotic. It’s fairly new on the market so not carried in stores, but Whole Foods was able to order the NOW! OralBiotic version… I wish I’d known about this particular probiotic before I put in my LuckyVitamin order because it’s much cheaper on their webiste, but I’m not going to wait for my next big order to get it.

Because I have chronic sinus issues and always have, I also went looking for a local source for L. Sakei, which is present in the sinus cavities of healthy people. Couldn’t find any, so ordered a packet of #19008 Bactoferm F-RM-52 from