Day 28: Farting vs. Burping

The number of changes in my body over the past 4 weeks is, frankly, stunning. I still suffer from intense pain in my extremities, my back still burns, I deal daily with heart palpitations and random overheating, and my eyes still feel like they’re floating in acid, but here’s what has improved, and when I say improved, I mean holy shit things are so much better!

I now fart, but I rarely burp. That means the microbes in my small intestine, that were causing horrible bloating, burping and tummy pain are no longer there, and I have successfully recolonated my large intestine with microbes that process my intestinal slurry into poops of the right consistency so as to not cause me distress. I no longer have bowel spasms, bowel urgency and soft stools. At the end of the day, my tummy is not hard and bloated and it doesn’t hurt to bend over… and truthfully, I don’t think I’m actually farting as much as I was.

One very odd, and very unexpected side effect of the changes in my microbiome is the alteration to my circadian rhythm. I have twice been diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. I am awake until 3 am. Nothing has been able to change that in all the decades that I’ve tried… not bright lights, not any amount of sleep hygiene, nothing. Yet suddenly, I find myself asleep by 1 am every night, consistently, for the past week. It’s a nice change.

Next month I’ll be adding more microbes via milk from a second mama, and I’m looking at getting some raw camel’s milk as soon as possible after that. I think I’m developing a passion for diversifying my microbe collection! If I encounter good fecal matter donor candidates in the future, I will gladly give myself another fecal matter transplant, if they are willing to donate.