Magickal Manganese

It’s been a while since I posted. The reason is, life’s been a lot better. My brain is sharper. I have more energy. I even started cleaning my house.

I had a bit of set-back with my endocrinologist, who I was sent back to because the excessive thirst, polyuria and nocturia have not resolved. He attempted to diagnose me with “psychological thirst” and I left his office in a rage. I’ve worked too long and too hard fighting this condition to put up with anyone telling me that I created this problem by drinking too much water. For one thing, if nocturia is present, a diagnosis of psychological thirst should never be made. Secondly, the thirst started at the same time I started having to urinate every 30 minutes and was getting up every 3 hours at night to use the bathroom, and coincided with hair loss and other problems. Thirdly, I don’t have any of the mental health conditions that would cause excessive water drinking.

So, I was back to working on the puzzle alone, fighting off migraines by drinking a gallon of water a day and eating lots of salty foods. I transferred to an integrative health clinic, and my new doctor tested my vasopressin level. It was low — low enough that I need more tests to determine if it was a fluke or if I have a mild case of diabetes insipidus.

While waiting for more tests to be arranged, on a whim last month I picked up a case of C2O coconut water. I was drinking it here and there, and noticing that I felt less dessicated the next day… so I tried drinking it every day for a week and the horrible, maddening thirst subsided a bit.

I got curious. What in C2O could be affecting me so? The only thing on the dietary information panel that stuck out was manganese. I hadn’t run across a single mention of manganese in any of the support groups I frequent, so I started digging.

What I found is very interesting:

  1. Manganese chelates fluoroquinolones, especially ciprofloxacin! That means when you take a FQ drug, all the manganese in your body is going to bind with it, just like happens with magnesium and other trace minerals, and your body will dump it as waste.
  2. Manganese detoxifies your mitochondria!
  3. Manganese is necessary for endocrine function!
  4. Manganese is also a necessary nutrient for wound healing… in other words, you can’t make collagen without it.

While my nerves and mind and gut have healed significantly, my tendons have continued to deteriorate. I just ordered a walker, and I’m supposed to buy expensive, moldable shoe inserts to take the pressure off my sesamoid bones, because the tendons attaching them to my feet cannot handle my own body weight. I’ve continued to watch my muscles waste away.

Now I’m wondering, could all of this come down to another, lesser-known deficiency? Could my pain and suffering be caused by cipro extracting this vital mineral from my body, and my ignorance that I’d need to supplement to restore it? I’m about to find out, as I’ll be supplementing for the next couple of months. I haven’t yet settled on a supplement level, and won’t for a couple of weeks until I see my doctor again, but for now I’ll settle for something around the RDA, since half that amount has been enough to make a noticeable difference.

Here’s a nice general info page on manganese, including its interactions with other minerals (seems like it’s best to take it alone rather than with things like magnesium and calcium).