Day 11: Lufenuron

My lufenuron arrived yesterday, so last night I mixed up about a half teaspoon in organic coconut oil, and I’ve been eating little dabs every so often. I’ll spread it out over a week, then repeat the same dosage next month. Because it’s fat soluble, my body will store it and release it into my blood over time.

It’s non-toxic to mammals, and will inhibit anything with a chitin shell from reproducing in my body. My child and I are taking it to retard yeast and parasites.

I’m also feeding it to my ill pet rat. She was housed in an overcrowded situation before we adopted her, and was stressed by being overgroomed by a larger rat, so she’s quite bald and has a peristent respiratory infection. It’s not likely to cure her, but at the very least it will prevent fleas next summer if everyone in the house is taking it.

This is where I purchased lufenuron.

Day 7: Human Breast Milk, BLIS K12, L. Sakei

My delivery of organic, antibiotic-free breast milk from a gluten-free paleo mama arrived today. It went straight into my freezer so I can take a couple of days to lower my stress level before I start using it to reintroduce microbiota to my system.

Because I’ve been battling thrush, I also ordered a bottle of BLIS K12, an oral probiotic. It’s fairly new on the market so not carried in stores, but Whole Foods was able to order the NOW! OralBiotic version… I wish I’d known about this particular probiotic before I put in my LuckyVitamin order because it’s much cheaper on their webiste, but I’m not going to wait for my next big order to get it.

Because I have chronic sinus issues and always have, I also went looking for a local source for L. Sakei, which is present in the sinus cavities of healthy people. Couldn’t find any, so ordered a packet of #19008 Bactoferm F-RM-52 from